The ComputerFox is looking for an experienced field service Tech to do onsite service calls for Three Computer Repair Companies.


Qualified applicants must posses the following: Three years experience doing on-site service calls for a recognized IT service company, a reliable car, an excellent grasp of the English language and a basic understanding of business. Candidates must also agree to complete 80Hrs. 2 1/2 weeks of unpaid training at our Milford H.Q. prior to a final contract. Earnings are commensurate with your billable skills, education and level of competence. A+ Certification, vendor certs, or trade school training a plus but not required.


Job Description: You will be directed to service our clients in the Fairfield, CT area, the business ComputerFox Inc. was established in 2004 and has grown to three independently owned locations. The Fairfield Location can be yours. Range of Gross documented earnings for the Fairfield area are 80K-220K per year. Your salary and earnings could be expected to be about 1/2 of that figure with performance bonuses for performance success achieved during the first one to two years. You can expect to start off as a independent contractor with your own hours, and graduate to a business owner of our franchise as you gain more confidence in our business model, and establish your own authorized Fairfield area office. You will start earning money the day you start doing your first service calls. Candidates who are accepted will receive a broad database of clients to market and solicit a base of operations and their own established telephone number in the Fairfield area. This opportunity is not for a person who does not have a grasp of the Craft as well as the business both are equally important so apply accordingly.


If you already have a "Brick and Mortar" Computer Repair firm location doing house calls in the Fairfield area, please ask for consideration to have the intern period waived.


To schedule a phone interview or consideration please send an e-mail with your resume to Rocco Frank at I will contact you with a reply and we can schedule a time to talk. Do not call me!




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