The foregoing document is written and provided to any and all parties interested in joining the ComputerFox® association. It is you guideline and our commitment to serve the needs and interest of your business.


Contact Information: Direct all inquiries to Rocco Frank 374 New Haven Ave. Milford, Ct. 06460. For written inquiries please direct them to For contact telephone numbers call (203) 647-0380 or by cell phone (203) 247-HELP.


License:  Association members, who are in good standing, will be granted a license to use the ComputerFox name and logos on their stores, on their, products, business cards and in print advertising and promotional materials. Licensee’s may not alter, sell or transfer their rights and benefits granted to them by the association without informing us of the changes.


Scope of Benefits: The ComputerFox® is responsible for providing the website, your main telephone line (Provided) and your advertising placement and top search listings on searches of computer repair and consulting services. Also, the association membership may provide you with micro loans, management assistance, and temporary help, the association membership will also provide you with low cost training and voice/remote support in order to meet your client demands.


The association is also responsible for handling, and helping you investigate and respond to any and all issues from customers who complain to either the better business bureau or like organizations that can harm or degrade the reputation of the ComputerFox® brand. We also provide free small business collection and Small claims direction and suggestions on delinquent accounts or those accounts that refuse to pay, pay. This may include, but is not limited to rescinded Credit cards, fraud or NSF payments that are returned by the bank.


Businesses and consultants who become associate members are not permitted to sell any novelty merchandice that the ComputerFox website Store link has listed for sale on the main website. These items are limited to Shirts, Mugs, Banners, Business Cards, and like marketing materials for purchase.


Association Memberships: Vary by business model. There are three tiers, Individual Consultant, Small Business, or Medium Business.


For Individual Consultants, The association dues are $500.00 annually, per consultant, to be paid quarterly or annually and benefits will begin the date of your first payment and signed contract.


For Small Businesses, The association dues are $95.00 per month, per store, to be paid either monthly, quarterly or annually with savings at 5% for a quarterly arrangement and 8% for an annual arrangement. Your monthly, quarterly or fiscal end and start date begins at the date of your first payment and signed contract.


For Medium Businesses, The association dues are negotiated per month, per store, to be paid either monthly, quarterly or annually. Medium businesses that have sales volume in excess of 1M annually will be considered for integration into the ComputerFox® family. A final contract will be provided to you and your monthly, quarterly or fiscal end and/start date begins at the date of your first payment and with the return of a signed contract.


Payments:  Send all payments to 374 New Haven Ave. in Milford CT, 06460 and make checks payable to ComputerFox. Payments received after 10 days from the due date are assessed an additional 10% late fee with payments past due over 90 Days being subject to termination of this agreement plus whatever covenants and legal rights afforded ComputerFox®.


Termination: To terminate this agreement, send a notarized letter to 374 New Haven Ave. in Milford CT 06460. In the subject line type TEERMINATION OF COMPUTERFOX BRAND RELATIONSHIP. Upon receipt of the letter you will only be obligated to pay any outstanding balances, and you are expected to refrain from using the ComputerFox logo any place it appears in your business.


Disclaimer: ComputerFox® reserves the right to alter this agreement without written notice in the interests of the association and its financial obligations. Association rules will be posted at .



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